Monday, 6 August 2007

It's not the first thing I intended to publish, but while I was viewing (Well worth a look), I saw one of those name things, where you type your name in and it gives you details about yourself.

See the results!

Now what makes me wonder is how these things can be accurate. Is it just that people read more into them than is actually there?

Your 'Numerology' number is 7. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are spiritual, eccentric, and a bit of a loner. Introspective and analytical, you think deeply and preferseclusion.

It's wierd, but that does rather apply to me. I agree that it's bull, but it sometimes makes me stop and think..... It could just be playing the numbers, or is there a real case that people named Graeme Elliott tend to be eccenric? I don't know any others, so I can't tell. I reckon people should take this test adn see if it's applicable, just as a sort of experiment. To the Internet lab!

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